Dr. Mark L. Gordon of Millennium Health Centers, Inc. Spoke at Imperial College London Clinical Summit on the Need for a Paradigm Shift in Treating Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr. Mark L. Gordon was invited to speak at the invitation-only summit by the United Kingdom's Military Surgeon General.

​​​​​​​​​​​Dr. Mark L. Gordon, founder of the Millennium Health Centers, Inc., was invited to speak at the "Setting a National Consensus for Managing Traumatic Brain Injury" summit held at the Imperial College London on Jan. 15. The summit initiated a dialogue focused on establishing a consensus, by the attendees, as to the optimal means of caring for the United Kingdom's military personnel suffering with symptoms precipitated by blast trauma.

Dr. Gordon, who is known for his groundbreaking work in the development of a laboratory biomarker panel used to direct treatment for the root cause of traumatic brain injury, was invited to speak by the United Kingdom's Military Surgeon General.

In his presentation, Dr. Gordon explained the need for a paradigm shift in the means of diagnosing and treating Symptomatic Traumatic Brain Injury. He believes the answer lies in addressing the cause of the symptoms, as opposed to the standard approach of masking the symptoms with polypharmacy.

Dr. Gordon's clinical research for the past 16 years has focused on identifying and treating the effects of inflammation-causing psychological, physical, and physiological changes experienced as a result of brain trauma. The prolonged production of inflammatory chemicals (cytokines) not only destroys brain cells, but also the signaling pathways that allow us to function with emotional normalcy.

Disturbance of the healthy, neuropermissive environment found in the brain, interrupts the production of brain hormones, as well as chemicals that protect the brain from inflammatory damage and repair.

The treatment protocols developed by Dr. Gordon focus on reducing the inflammatory chemicals, replenish deficient brain hormones and reestablishing a healthy neuropermissive environment conducive to allowing the brain to heal.

Since 2004, Dr. Gordon developed a grouping of standard laboratory tests (biomarkers) but uses a revolutionary new set of algorithms to interpret the results. Each patient receives an individualized interpretation of their results based upon medical history, laboratory results and medication. The results have been nothing less than impressive as well as reproducible.

Thomas S., a patient of Dr. Gordon's, reports, "For years I had been suffering from crippling migraines. Anxiety, depression, light sensitivity, noise and movement sensitivity controlled my life. I was confined to the darkest bedroom of my father's house, unable to work or live the normal life a 26-year-old should be. The VA deemed my disability 100% service-connected. Within a year of starting Dr. Gordon's protocol, my migraines were minimized to one or two a day, which have progressively improved to zero a day. I am now functioning normally, thanks to Dr. Gordon and Warrior Angels Foundation."

Dr. Gordon gave an impactful call to action in his closing statements saying, "To my colleagues across the pond, if you continue to maintain the present status quo you will continue to have a rise in the number of suicides amongst your military. You need to alter your paradigm so that you do not meet the suicide rate presently in the United States."

At the close, the administrative medical body attending the summit wanted to pursue the protocols developed by Dr. Gordon for the assessment and treatment of blast trauma in their military personnel.

For more information about Dr. Gordon and his traumatic brain injury work, visit TBIHelpNow.org.

About Dr. Mark Gordon

Dr. Mark Gordon is the founder and medical director of Millennium Health Centers, Inc. in Encino, California. In 2015, Dr. Gordon released the book, "Traumatic Brain Injury - A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment" that presents the science and his experience treating all precipitating causes of traumatic brain injury in both active military, veteran, sports, and civilian populations. Dr. Gordon has also joined with the Warrior Angels Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded by veterans Andrew and Adam Marr to provide services to members of the armed forces both active and veterans. For more information, visit TBIHelpNow.org.

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